How to schedule a WordPress blog post for the future 3

In case you wish to publish a wordpress blog post in future then you can schedule the publication date rather than saving them as draft and publishing every day or posting every day.

This is a very useful feature in case you wish to write more than one post a day but would like to post them in future on regular itnervals.

To schedule a post in future, you can change the publication date from the Publish tab in right column in Admin.

While you are writing post (of if you have already saved the post then edit it) click on Edit in “Publish immediately Editline.

Wordpress Blog Post Schedule

It will open date edit box. Change the date to be the one when you want to publish it and click on OK.

Wordpress Blog Post ScheduleNext click on the Schedule to accept the changes.

Wordpress Blog Post Schedule

Once it is done you will see that publication date is changed successfully.

Click on Update Post to save any changes and you are done.

Wordpress Blog Post Schedule

3 thoughts on “How to schedule a WordPress blog post for the future

  1. Reply Lea Nov 28,2009 3:06 am

    This is one of the features I like about wordpress. When I am out of town, I am doing this posting in the future.

  2. Reply Greg Uhrlen Jan 5,2011 10:26 pm

    This particular feature of WordPress, when explained to clients, gets the loudest “aha’s” out of people. You can see the relief of knowing they can create content ahead of time and not have to worry about someone else in the office publishing it on time.

  3. Reply chris Oct 23,2012 1:00 pm

    really nice post now i’m thinking to switch to word press
    thanks for the update

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