SwamiDirectory is born

SwamiDirectory It is 23rd of March, whether in London is not the one of its best and given the fact that it is Sunday, Sundays are notoriously always bad when it comes to whether, and I managed to knock out SwamiDirectory.

I’ve been conceptualizing SwamiDirectory for past 6 months but I was not able to find out any free open source package to realize my dreams.

I’ve been playing with Drupal, phpLD (Paid), Wiki-type scripts and even I thought of developing it from scratch. After long search, research and trials I finally settled down for XOOPS with Web Link Module.

Time was important factor and I wanted to launch it asap. What could have been a better weekend break than Good Friday and Easter holidays which I utilized and churned out a great Directory.

I wanted SwamiDirectory to be different to be unique and stand out in the overcorwded jungle of link farms. XOOPS was an ultimate solution. Though XOOPS is not one of my favorite CMS but its Web Link module was the solution which I’ve been looking for.

Even though the website is complete, being perfectionist, I would keep it improving by adding more features.

I’ve decided to keep SwamiDirectory free and would be free in future.

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