How to replace default logo in phpBB3

Solution 1: The simplest method

By defaul the logo is


If you have modified the style then search for the logo in that style folder.

Simply replace this logo with your logo keep the name same and size.

Solution 2:

In Admin panel -> Styles -> Templates

Click on the Edit against your default template

Select the overall_header.html file from drop down menu

Search for this line

<a href=”{U_INDEX}” title=”{L_INDEX}” id=”logo”>{SITE_LOGO_IMG}< / a >

And replace the tags as per your requirements.

P.S. I’ve given extra spaces in tags so don’t copy and paste above line to search.

Solution 3: Replace it from Admin panel


Edit your imageset (by default it would beĀ  subsilver2)

From there you can specify the logo image.

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