phpBB3 – How to show forum moderators in the board? 1

This one is little tricky, follow these steps From ACP->Forums click in Forum moderators in the left side. From the right side select the forum to which you want to assign moderators, click on Submit. In the next window add a user in the bottom left window and then click on Add permissions. From the …read more

How to remove displaying site name below logo in phpBB3 1

There are 2 ways 1) Make the site name empty Read my earlier post here. how to change the default site name This is not good way as sitename value is used on other places also so avoid it. 2) This should be the correct way From ACP->Styles->Templates Select your template and edit the …read more

How to change the default site name in phpBB3 6

By default you will see in the title and just below the logo. To change this value to be your site name do followings From ACP go to General->Board Settings Change the Site name:  value to be your site name Also you can change the brief description of the site from Site description:

How to set permissions in phpBB3

Once you have created the forums from Admin panel, forums are not displayed in the front by default. After creating forum you need to set proper permissions for the forums to be displayed.  First you need to set Global Permissions. ACP->Forums->Group Forum Permissions (Last menu link in the left column) Once you have selected that …read more

How to replace default logo in phpBB3

Solution 1: The simplest method By defaul the logo is styles/prosilver/imageset/site_logo.gif If you have modified the style then search for the logo in that style folder. Simply replace this logo with your logo keep the name same and size. Solution 2: In Admin panel -> Styles -> Templates Click on the Edit against your default …read more