How to move Drupal from one host to another 5

Basically moving any php based open source packages from one host to another involve more or less same pattern. Here I’ll explain how to move Drupal from one host to another. Before you start working on it backup your files and database. Step 1: Move files The first step is to move all your files …read more

Drupal SEO

Before you go for advance configuration of Drupal SEO, install SEO Checklist module. This is an excellent SEO module which will enable you to analyze your SEO requirements. After installing SEO Checklist module configure it from Administer->Site configuration->SEO checklist Follow the instructions there. Followings are the modules required for SEO Page Titles Page Title Module  Download …read more

Line break < br / > doesn’t work in pages edit

This seems to a kind of head scratching experience not only for Drupal but also for WordPress, or anywhere you are using any kind of html editor. I’m using fckeditor with Drupal and faced this problem. The line break doesn’t work and whole text formatting disappears in the page. However I couldn’t find an ultimate …read more

How to change the default front page in Drupal

With my first Drupal installation I have to struggle to change the default home page. This is relatively a very simple task, which I later found out. To change the default home page in Drupal 1) Create a Home page from Create Content->Page a) Enter the Title E.g. Home b) Enter text in the Body …read more

How to remove breadcrumb from Drupal 1

By default you will see a breadcrumb appearing just below the main menu. To disable it search for breadcrumb class in the style.css in the themem folder which you have installed. E.g. for aberdeen the style.css  will be in themes/aberdeen folder Replace following (Or something similar) .breadcrumb { margin: 0 0 1.3em 0; } by …read more

How to export links in WordPress?

In this post I’ll explain how to export links in Wordpress? …read more

Swami Web Design An Evolved Creativity

Swami Web Design is a web solution company offering a wide range of web solutions. …read more