How to remove breadcrumb from Drupal 1

By default you will see a breadcrumb appearing just below the main menu.

To disable it search for breadcrumb class in the style.css in the themem folder which you have installed.

E.g. for aberdeen the style.css  will be in themes/aberdeen folder

Replace following (Or something similar)

.breadcrumb {
margin: 0 0 1.3em 0;


.breadcrumb {display: none;} 

and enjoy 🙂

One comment on “How to remove breadcrumb from Drupal

  1. Reply buntha Aug 12,2011 10:42 am


    This one is nice but if i want to disable only menu that is disable

    Ex : I have menu : About Us -> Item (disabled) -> Career so i want to display one About Us -> Career.

    What can i do?


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