How to add images to Drupal Ecommerce

Well if you are coming from a a traditional shopping cart background then you will be surprised to know that Drupal Ecommorce doesn’t allow you to add/upload images easily.

Don’t be disappointed, there is a way..

Step 1: Install Image Module

Enable it from Admnister->Site building -> Modules

Step 2: Add an Image

From Create content create an image as you do for pages etc.

In the title add the product name.

Uplaod image

In Body write the product description

Fillup/check/uncehck the option you require

Step 3: This is the key..

In the Product section Select a product type, e.g. Shippable Product and click Add to store

This step will convert (rather promote and image to become a product or whatever you wish to say)  an image into a prdocut.

This was simple wasn’t it?

N’joy Drupaling

See this in action on my live online PC Shop

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