Drupal pathauto tutorial 1

pathauto module could be extremely frustrating for any newcomer to Drupal.

pathauto module generates URL automatically based on the pattern which you specify in the configuration.

pathauto home page: http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/pathauto

First delete the alias settings for the types for which you wish to change pathauto settings.

E.g. if you want to change the Category URLs then delete all existing aliases first before making changes or else the new changes will not be reflected.

pathauto configuration for Category

Set the default path setting to be [vocab-raw]/[cat-raw] and you will get a very nice hierarchical URL.

See it live on www.SwamiPC.co.uk – http://www.swamipc.co.uk/desktop-pc/acer

URL Path Settings

While adding any page/product etc you can specify the name of URL and it will be automatically generated.

Uncheck the Automatic alias box and add the name which you want to be displayed in URL for that item.

E.g. for About us page I specified about in URL path settings which gives me URL http://www.swamipc.co.uk/about

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